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Handwoven, heart-centered textiles. 

Psychopomp Studios is a creative exploration of grief and praise through handwoven textiles. We offer custom made pieces that fit any phase of life. Click below to learn more.



Tea Towels

Psychopomp Studios tea towels are handwoven and made from 100% cotton. These durable towels are constructed to last and become more absorbent with each wash. 


Burial Shrouds

Psychopomp Studio's 100% cotton handwoven burial shrouds offer a soft, durable, and unique option for those seeking a meaningful, eco-friendly alternative for end-of-life care.


Custom Pieces

Psychopomp Studios can help your vision come to life with our custom, handwoven pieces. All products are made from 100% cotton and are eco-friendly.  


Let us know what you'd like
to create! 

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